Broadcast your events
live on the Internet


YouOn Live

YouOn Live is a powerful live broadcasting tool that has been strongly used by companies, brands, agencies and event promoters.

There are several advantages concerning its use as it allows reaching a global dimension, enables a greater interaction with the audience and provides an overall profit increase. It also can be shared in any social network and visualized in any mobile device.


It gives your event a global dimension. The event isn’t happening in a unique place, but instead is available in any mobile device connected to the Internet, increasing its audience.


Creates a closer relation between consumer/audience and brand/company, allowing the consumers participation in the event by sharing and commenting it on social networks, or through voting and online surveys.


Live broadcasting can be monetized through sponsoring or pay-per-view systems.


Organizing and broadcasting a live event of your brand/company will allow the audience to follow your activity and becoming faithful. The broadcasting innovation will reinforce your brand's image, highlighting you from your direct competitors.

YouOnLive integrates the YouOnStage digital media suite. YouOnLive is available as a standalone platform or as part of YouOnStage suite.

YouOnStage makes publishing, managing and monetizing content online easier than ever by centralizing workflows.

YouOnStage = YouOnVideo + YouOnLive + YouOnSocial + YouOnContent

Use a part or use it all.

Learn more about YouOnStage and the advantages of having four platforms integrated in one.