Broadcast your events
live on the Internet



GoLive on Facebook

More than 1,35 trillion people are connected through Facebook, and only in Portugal there are 5 million active users. Therefore, social networks are an excellent vehicle to promote and share live events. More and more the companies, organizations and brands are exponentially using Facebook to launch products, campaigns, or to organize press conferences.

Global video distribution network

There are many causes that can determine the success of a live broadcast on the Internet. The first step is, undoubtedly, the ability to manage thousands of users that are following the event’s live transmission.

Direct through multi-platforms

To guarantee that nobody loses the live broadcast and also to increase the audience, YouOn Live is compatible with several mobile devices: iPhones, Blackberries, Androids, iPads and other tablets with Internet access. YouOnLive allows full quality coverage in any event.
With the increase of 3G, 4G and wireless networks, the content consumption through mobile devices rises every day. It is predicted than in the next five years the mobile web traffic will grow 26x.

Live television 24h per day

With YouOn Live, TV stations can broadcast their content live 24hours per day, 7 days per week, reaching a global audience. It is possible to codify the broadcast stream of the linear channel or create live playlists with advertising spaces, customized players or interactivity (chats and social networking integration).

Monetize your live broadcast - Pay-Per-View System

One way to monetize your online content is through the pay-per-view method. YouOn Live integrates all payment systems (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and others) and provides authentication tools to control the users access. It also has the option of online ticket sale.

Geo Targeting – Geo Blocking

Geo Targeting is a method to manage the live broadcast copyrights by geographic location where the broadcast’s access can be blocked to a region or country. If you want to limit your event’s access, you can use the geo blocking to block it to a certain audience.